One system to manage your employee-generated content

Your one-stop shop for collecting, approving, and sharing employee content


Surface authentic voices from your employee base

Storytelling doesn't have to be intimidating. Give employees a system that's easy, convenient, and fun.

Build prompts that can exemplify your culture

A call-and-response system lets you frame the stories you're looking for, along with written or video instructions.

Employees can record and upload from any device

Storytellers can upload or create their content in real time on PC or mobile, Web or app.

Create a community for employees to engage

Platform features let employees interact with their colleagues, share ideas, and encourage each other.


Create beautifully branded, compliant content

Creativity is the spark that drives dynamic content. After an employee creates their story, the editing suite brings it to life so it cuts through the noise and reaches candidates faster.

Rich Templates

Want to give your stories the same look and feel? Drag and drop templates that include your branded intros, outros, text, color, and logo. Or, use customized templates for themes spanning diversity months, celebrations, events, and more.


Apply subtitles automatically in a default language or as a translation. Allow viewers to toggle them on/off, or burn them into videos with your font and colors and engaging animations. Edit text and timing, and download the transcripts.

Music & Audio

Get creative with audio by bringing in tracks of music and adjusting volume levels for emphasis. Use our library of copyright free audio tracks, add your own, or, build voiceovers that narrate photos and videos.

Stitch stories into a dynamic montage

Want to create an engaging Instagram-like Reel or TikTok? Now you can combine stories into a dynamic montage and use pre-built templates to edit with ease. Whichever occasion it's for, it will be a highlight reel for the outside world.

Share natively across social media

Share directly to social without leaving the CultureHQ platform.

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Control who shares and when

Allow employees to share freely on social, or have each story pass through an admin for approval. Share on social through personal accounts or under the company name, instantly or at a set time.

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Drive talent pipeline

Meet candidates where they live by sharing across LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. Reward employees for sharing through gamification.


Measure reach and ROI of your content and programs

Built-in analytics measure employee contributions and external reach and response over time.

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Internal Engagement

Analyze top storytellers and review internal viewership and response levels

Pipeline Managenment - Promoplus X Webflow Template

Content Segmentation

Filter and compare trends by department, location, date range, and more

Meeting Scheduling - Promoplus X Webflow Template

External Awareness

Isolate highest-performing stories, viewership, and interactions by medium

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Social Breakdown

Track posts, connections, and advocates by social network; view engagement over time

Integrated into your main tools

CultureHQ has prioritized seamless integrations with the most important platforms to ensure your brand shines internally and externally.

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