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We are deeply passionate about the power of storytelling and how stories can be used to connect to candidates and employees in meaningful ways.

Our founding story

The founding story of CultureHQ is traced back to the ping-pong table at Forrester Research in Cambridge, MA. It was there that co-founders Brian Vigeant and Jimmy Hall met over a competitive game of ping-pong. Representing different departments within an office of 600, it was unlikely they would have otherwise met.

Brian’s and Jimmy’s personal friendship soon turned into a professional success story, opening doors between the sales and data teams (and led to an exciting ping-pong rivalry). The strong relationships formed between these teams helped increase sales and boosted customer satisfaction.

Realizing the power of these personal employee stories, Brian and Jimmy were dismayed to find companies still branding themselves in generic and impersonal ways. They resolved to help companies leverage their employees’ voices to give prospective candidates an authentic look into the company and its mission, culture, and values.

CultureHQ remains committed to the power of the personal story — how it helps companies hire and retain, and how it brings employees closer together.

Values that drive our company

These are 6 core values that we live by every day and ensure it comes through in everything we do as a company.

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Putting our customers first and prioritizing their needs above ours.

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Deep Commitment

Wholehearted dedication to our mission, our work, and our teammates.


Being there for our team through the ups and downs, ensuring inclusivity.

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Thinking outside the box, challenging the status quo, and innovating.

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Understanding and listening intently to our team and customer's perspectives.

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Resilience in the face of challenges, with a relentless pursuit of goals.

What it looks like to work with us

We are a remote-first company with employees living in Costa Rica, Nashville, Boston, and India, so feel free to work from wherever you'd like!

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