CultureHQ has the first employee-driven platform that will transform the way your employees are connected to one another and your culture.

Our platform does this by tapping into the core driver of happiness, engagement, and retention — community.

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build an inclusive CULTURE

Academic data shows that inclusion and a sense of belonging have the strongest relationship with employee engagement. Employees who feel like they belong at their company feel far more connected to the organization and their work.

The CultureHQ platform enables employees to connect on a personal and professional level through shared interests and events created by the company, themselves, and their peers. Our novel approach removes the boundaries of siloed groups and unlocks the door to open, transparent engagement across your workforce.

inclusive workplace
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employee experience

personalize the employee experience

As businesses grow, it’s easy to lose focus on what matters to employees and the culture can suffer as a result.

With our interest-based platform, leaders are able to personalize their company’s culture by identifying what employees care about and designing programs and events that resonate. In our platform employees feel like they belong and play a key role in what makes their company’s culture great.



Companies are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on cultural programs, events, and activities. Despite this investment, they are unable to determine their effectiveness and value.

Our platform measures value by comparing expenses to program feedback and ratings from employees. We have a real-time review system for every event, and pulse surveys that can be administered at any time. This data is used to inform decisions and optimize spend on cultural programs and initiatives.

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create an inspired culture where employees thrive

We believe our platform will transform your workplace environment and increase employee happiness, engagement, and retention like never before. Reach out to us today for a demo!

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