CultureHQ’s unique AI-driven connection engine is the first-ever tool to unlock the power of your talent ecosystem.

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a new and inclusive identity

With limited visibility into people's interests, skills, and expertise, teams today lack the context to form meaningful connections. CultureHQ augments existing data with new personal insights that expand each employee’s identity. We use AI that learns about each individual to provide recommendations on different skills and interests they should learn or develop. This creates an expansive and inclusive view of your people that instantly unlocks unique connection opportunities between teams.

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search and find the most relevant people

Gone are the days when you rely on one person for everything or message several people to uncover who the best person is to help. Using our robust search and advanced filtering, your team will find the right people they need to connect with at the right time to get work done faster.

CultureHQ uses AI to provide rich data and clear context to make the complex process of identifying people and resources a thing of the past.




The current tools available to your teams create surface-level relationships due to real-time communication and limited visibility into who each person is. These transactional exchanges lead to isolation, loneliness, and unproductive results.

CultureHQ’s combination of rich people data and AI-based recommendations allow teams to foster meaningful connections instantly. Each person has the opportunity to build his or her own community in order to learn, grow, and develop over the course of a career.

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bring your PEOPLE and teams together with events

Companies and teams spend thousands of dollars on events to bring people together and enhance culture. However, this is largely a static process and leaders are unable to measure the ROI.

CultureHQ’s event feature uses the platform’s rich data on your people to uncover what they care about, create and execute the event, and capture feedback to measure event value. Our powerful and holistic events tool fosters greater connection and integrates seamlessly with email and calendar.



unCOVER the hidden value of your employees

Most work tools rely on self-reported data for skills, interests, and expertise — resulting in static and outdated information. Additionally, the most important ways your people help each other either happen offline or are hidden in private messages.

CultureHQ unearths and contextualizes those important interactions through personal endorsements. After someone receives help or witnesses someone’s expertise, they endorse that person through keyword tags and a quick summary. This data contextually validates that person’s expertise and pays it forward so the next person who needs help can easily find them — similar to finding places to go using Yelp.

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unlock unique people and connection analytics

We know how difficult it is to understand how your teams connect with each another, the value they exchange, and the specific areas for improvement. At times, you are in the dark and unsure where to make changes.

CultureHQ provides you with real-time data and insights that help you understand your talent ecosystem. With this data, you can identify your most valuable people, pinpoint who is at risk, and uncover inefficient bottlenecks and silos. This data informs your strategies to mobilize your teams, drive engagement, increase retention, and ultimately create an inclusive culture that produces results.

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CultureHQ doesn’t take the place of the tools you already use — it brings them to life. We sync up with your main system of record to keep employee information accurate. You can connect your calendar and email in minutes, and communication is seamlessly linked to the channels your employees live in every day. If we don’t have an integration that is a must have, our open API allows us to work together to make it happen. With these setups in place, any worries about barriers to adoption will be gone.



launch the platform in under two weeks

We have put together a winning on-boarding process so you are set up for success, fast. Our team will customize the platform for you, train your team, do lunch and learns, and are always available via chat to answer any questions instantly. Also, we have gone the extra mile on security and compliance so you can rest assured your data is fully secure.

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Schedule a quick demo with our team now to see how we can transform your business and culture! Or, watch our quick video to see how it works.

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