Jun 6, 2024

You're a Best Place to Work. What's Next?

Winning a "Best Places to Work" title is just the beginning. Use employee stories to attract top talent by showing (rather than telling) candidates why your culture is truly great.

Is a "Best Places to Work" award enough to truly win candidates?

While a "Best Place to Work" badge carries weight with candidates (69% say it's a factor in their decision according to a Glassdoor survey), it's really the starting point. Today's job seekers crave authenticity. They want to see the real faces behind the award, to understand what it's truly like to work at your company and why it's so special.

This is why we emphasize an approach called, show, don't tell. While your company will surely get a visibility boost from the recognition, this is just the "tell" part of the story. If you don't follow through and "show" why you're a Best Place to Work, candidates will move on and check out the next company on the list.

The Candidate's Journey: Award to Application (or Not)

Imagine yourself as a highly qualified candidate, scrolling through the "Best Places to Work" list. You see two companies that pique your interest: ABC Inc and XYZ Inc. Both boast the prestigious award and seem like viable opportunities to consider.

You first click on ABC’s website and visit their career page. The page greets you with a generic banner, some stock photos, an old video, some written text, and a list of open jobs. You click into the postings and the description reads like the standard laundry list of responsibilities and qualifications. You get no real sense of the company culture or the people who work there.

You then go back to the “Best Places to Work” list, find ABC’s competitor, XYZ, and you visit their career page to learn more. You immediately feel more welcomed. The page is vibrant and engaging, with video testimonials from employees across various departments. Sarah, a software engineer, talks about her passion project and the supportive environment that allowed her to flourish and grow in her career. David, the marketing manager, shares his experience with the company's generous work-life balance policies that has allowed him to spend more time with his family outside of work.

Suddenly, the "Best Place to Work" award comes alive and is validated. You can see yourself fitting into XYZ’s collaborative and supportive culture. You can imagine yourself working alongside passionate colleagues like Sarah and David.

The Choice is Clear

So, which company do you think the highly qualified candidate applied to? The one with the generic page and the award, or the one that ensured it answered a candidate's #1 question when they’re looking for a job, “What’s it actually like to work at this company?”

Don't leave that up to chance. Many companies stop short after receiving the award. Sure, they might post it on social or place it as a badge on their career site. But, their career pages remain static and don’t help the candidate see the reasons for the award. This disconnect between the claimed culture and the unseen reality creates a gap that talented candidates can sense a mile away.

The Power of Employee Stories

This is where employee stories come in. They're the bridge that connects the "Best Place to Work" badge with a candidate's decision.

  • Authenticity: Employee stories showcase your company culture through the voices of the people who live it. They add a layer of credibility that a generic award can't replicate.
  • Engagement: Stories resonate with candidates on a personal level. They allow candidates to see themselves thriving in your environment, fostering a connection that static job descriptions simply can't achieve.
  • Actionable Insights: Stories go beyond the "fun perks" façade. They reveal what truly matters to your employees - growth opportunities, work-life balance, or a strong sense of community. This informs candidates' decisions and helps them self-select for a good fit.

Don't Let the Award Speak for Itself

Imagine how many talented candidates are visiting your site and not applying, because they can’t envision themselves at your company. CultureHQ can help you move a candidate from “oh this place seems interesting” to “I need to work here, where do I apply.” 

Our platform empowers you to:

  • Capture authentic employee stories: We make it easy for your team to share their experiences in a natural and engaging way.
  • Embed stories across your recruitment channels: Breathe life into your career pages, job postings, and social media with real voices.
  • Showcase the "why" behind the award: Let candidates understand what makes your company a Best Place to Work, not just that it is.

The "Best Place to Work" badge is a fantastic starting point, but it's just that - a starting point. Don't let your recruitment efforts fall short. By amplifying employee stories, you can bridge the gap between the award and attracting the best talent. 

The results? Well, for starters:

  • You will stand out, even amongst other Best Places to Work by providing real proof that the award is credible and not paid for. You will stand out through trust.
  • Your internal changemakers will be thrilled to be involved with telling their story as ambassadors in a self-fueling flywheel of employer-employee communication.
  • Through authentic communication, the talent you bring in will be better set up to perform higher and remain within your company.

How will you take control in shaping how your applicants' view your company?

Ready to unlock the power of your company's human narrative? Let CultureHQ help you turn your "Best Place to Work" win into a magnet for top performers.